Brick and mortor businesess come in all shapes, sizes and types. ?Their credit card processing needs vary as well. ?That’s why we stay up on the ever evolving technologies and can offer solutions tailored to our client’s needs. ?For some a traditional countertop credit card machine is just right, for others it’s a POS system, a browser on their computer, or even an on-premise mobile sotuion using an Apple or Android device. ?It can even be a combination?of these technologies that’s just the right solution. ?No matter, we’ve got it covered.

Payment methods can also vary widely. ?We can enable or clients to accept credit cards, debit cards, check processing?and gift cards.

  • Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, JCB, checks and gift cards

  • POS systems, countertop?machines, mobile and?Internet solutions

  • Detailed, accurate online reporting available 24/7

  • Reduce the risk of credit card fraud by complying with PCI standards

  • Optional next-day funding deposits daily sales into existing bank accounts overnight

  • Rate lock guarantee for the life of the account

  • No term commitment or account closure fees