Monday, October 24, 2016
QuickBooks Payment Processing

Concierge can help make processing credit card transactions real-time within the QuickBooks® environment is quick, easy, and less costly than using the standard service offered by QuickBooks®.
Our plug-in software utilizes the latest processing technology and meets all PCI Security requirements so your transactions are processed efficiently and securely.

  • Apply payments to open Invoices and Sales Receipts.
  • Utilize the intuitive wizard to guide you through the transaction process.
  • Process credit cards, checks, PIN-based debit and Electronic Benefit Transfer transactions.
  • Attach a card reader to your computer and swipe credit cards to get the lowest processing rates.
  • Works with QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise editions.
  • Accept all major credit cards and American Express.
  • Reduce the risk of credit card fraud by complying with PCI standards.
  • Our Next-day funding deposits your daily sales into your existing bank account overnight.

We can provide simple and affordable payment processing with QuickBooks®.