Monday, October 24, 2016
Payment Services

We provide a wide array or payment processing
services.  We represent only the best products
and services available.  Processing efficiency,
security, cost, and excellent customer service
are the cornerstones of our solutions.

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A Fresh Approach

We work for our clients.  We get paid only
when they are happy and are processing
transactions.  We tailor the solutions we
provide to meet their unique business needs,
arrange the lowest possible processing cost,
and then provide personalized support that is
decidedly superior.

Industry Solutions

We provide solutions for many industries
and are always up to the challenge of
the best fit for our client's unique
needs.  Many of our clients are growing and
our recommendations take that into account.

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Rates, Security, and Flexibility
Finding a quality merchant services provider can be confusing and overwhelming.  There are many choices and the industry jargon often sounds like a foreign language.  Many providers simply advertise low rates and make empty promises to win their customer's business.

That is why Concierge takes the time to listen to our client's needs, design a solution that will deliver the lowest possible processing cost, ensure the security of the transactions, and provide the ongoing service people need.  Like a doctor, we don't prescribe before we diagnose.

In short, it's not all about the rates.  Although low rate are important, what matters more is whether or not the rates quoted actually deliver the lowest total processing cost month after month.  At Concierge we focus our efforts on providing a world-class merchant account service with the elements that truly make a difference:
  • Minimize the total cost of processing.
  • Ensuring the security of transactions.
  • Enabling next day funding so the money is in the bank overnight.
  • Following a complete rate plan disclosure policy and educating our customers.
  • Providing online access to transaction reporting and monthly statements 24/7.
  • Giving our customers their sales agent's cell phone number.

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